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Welcome to JM International SchoolJMIS has a different approach towards learning. Here learning is based on the view A new Education for a New-Consciousness.This approach to education is not so difficult to implement if we can free ourselves from certain conventions and preconceived ideas. But it requires, above all, that we remember that the child is a soul, an expression of the divine and the kindling of spirit of inquiry and sense of discovery can inspire the child to find just what he needs in order to become what she/he is.Our mission is to develop our children into versatile, thoughtful, productive & sensitive young people who areJM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL intends to work towards bringing about a transformation in the field of school education through a multi-pronged approach.



  • Annual Fees
    $ 65000
  • Transport Fees
    $ 14400
  • Other Fees
    $ 5000

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