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About Schoolkind

Schoolkind is a one-stop platform which endeavors to bring together the most relevant and useful information for students, parents, educators and all other related stakeholders, thus helping them to connect with the larger and global world of education. Schoolkind also strives to become a source of verified and latest information on anything and everything related to education, including but not limited to creches, day-care centers, pre-schools and K-12schools, colleges, universities, publishers, material-suppliers and educators. It aims to redefine the way, all stakeholders access and obtain useful information regarding their queries and solutions. The fundamental objectives of Schoolkind are:

  • Provide a reliable and accurate source of verified information on all kinds and levels of educational institutions
  • Enable ‘Ease of Decision-Making’ for all stakeholders related to education
  • Provide a global window for all education institutions to showcase their credentials
  • Empower all education-stakeholders with the convenience of technology
  • Deliver relevant and comprehensive knowledge to stakeholders through structured research